Periodicaled : WAX w/ Dolan Morgan at Electric Literature / by Matthew Thompson

The supremely fine people at Electric Literature published my interview with Dolan Morgan. You can read that thisaways.

This is the inaugural entry in WAX, an interview series in which I invite an author to discuss a subject outside the world of writing that nevertheless influences his/her writing life. Topics include: lessons learned from Repo Man with regard to atmosphere and place, the drone metal music that plays during writing time. The point is to witness a writer from an uncommon creative angle, and to revel in the excitement of an outsider’s point of view.

With Dolan, I discussed outdated chemistry books, imaginary pamphlets to junk shop conventions, the curious copy used during political robocalls, and why you have to truly love the useless before you can use it as inspiration. It was a wonderful time.

Many thanks to Dolan Morgan, Lincoln Michel, and Electric Literature. Looking forward to the next episode of WAX.