Strange Mail / by Matthew Thompson

Received this anonymous postcard a few weeks ago, the first of many. Its front features a Russian prisoner adorned in prison tattoos. On the back, a quote from Kafka's Zürau Aphorisms.

Kafka quote:

A man cannot live without a steady faith in something indestructible within him, though both the faith and the indestructible thing may remain permanently concealed from him. One of the forms of this concealment is the belief in a personal god.

Descriptive text about the prisoner and his tattoos:

The dagger through the neck shows that the prisoner committed murder while in prison, and that he is available to 'hire' for further murders. The bells on the feet indicate that he served his time in full ('to the bell'), the manacles on the ankles mean that the sentences were over five years. 'Ring' tattoos on the fingers show the status of the criminal when the rest of his body is covered. The 'thieves' stars' on the knees carry the symbolic meaning 'I will not kneel before the police.'

I'll post more in the coming days. In the meantime -- keep them coming, good friend.