Back from the Abyss / by Matthew Thompson

Back from the abyss with a left shoe full of Barcelona sand, Berlin cobblestone, bone fragments from Kutna Hora. And now Brooklyn. Life is all right at the moment.

Pleased to report that my contribution to the excellently imagined, and excellently curated, Galleria Occidental project in Seattle is now up and running. Read with Me pairs a dozen writers with everyday objects in Pioneer Square's Occidental Park to create a kind of humdrum outdoor art gallery and literary salon. Lampposts, trees, and metal barriers are elevated to sculpture status with accompanying plaques that display short stories and poems inspired by each object. My story, "One hand, or two hands, or three" (inspired by a lamppost), and my poem, "Man & Bear" (inspired by a wooden sculpture) are out and in the open all summer long. Enjoy the sunshine, friends. Also, the rain. Here's a write-up about the project. Here's more info from Frances E. Dinger, project curator.  Here's a photo.