Analepsis / by Matthew Thompson

I've been a hard-pressed individual of late. Hardly the time to check my own watch. Possible explanations include: planning a rather sudden move away from my adopted home of Seattle, organizing a road trip through the plains states to Michigan, laying groundwork for a pretty permanent move to New York (where I will soon be living), aahhnnd giddily organizing an extended ramble through Europe.

Also, last week, I contracted stomach flu, which demands a surprising amount of time in the severity of its nothing-doingness.

Also, also, I've been systematically selling off every object I own, which leaves a peripatetic individual as myself pleased to be a punch bowl.

Point being, yes, I am on the edge of a long, untethered trip. This means that, very likely, updates will be more pictures than pondering, less typeface and more snapshots of old stone churches and mammoth, gray metal eastern European train stations.

Which brings me here. The Library of Congress, in its vastness, recently opened up their archives of early color photographs from the 30's and 40's. The resulting images are stunning. Here are a few of my favorites. So many, many more here.