Silenced & Communicated / by Matthew Thompson

   And so, Silence & Communication has come and gone and was an amazing, stupefying success. With attendance at well over 100 heads, we had Sole Repair packed to the gills. The night, with all of its mechanics and orchestrations, choreographed synchronizations, went smoothly - as if all had been aligned on a well-oiled track. Something so mesmerizing about the way an idea can fill up a room, saturate and take it over, click everything into place like a perfectly fit together puzzle. I am as proud as I am flabbergasted.

   Thank you to all of the readers for their excellent performances, the fine literary arts institutions for their support and guidance, Sole Repair for supplying such a stunning venue, my co-conspirators, Greg Bem and Jason Conger, and, of course, the wonderful people of Seattle, who line up and get drunk for literary events like they were at a rock show. This will be happening again.


Photos by Joe Lambert