Silence & Communication / by Matthew Thompson


   Thrilled to announce that on Thursday, September 1st, I will be both host and a reader at Silence & Communication. S&C is a large-scale group reading and performance that features 22 presenters as well as a host of local presses and literary magazines. It takes place at Sole Repair shop on Capitol Hill and begins at 7pm. The goal of the event is simple: to edify, experiment, and have a damn fine time.

   I've been working tirelessly on this project for the last month or so. My two brilliant co-conspirators, Greg Bem and Jason Conger, are most likely now contemplating how to make this an even more exceptional evening than it already will be. Check out an interview they did with Steve Barker at Ordinary Madness, here. And if you're in the Seattle area on September 1st, do come out!

Here's the skinny.

What: Silence & Communication
Where: Sole Repair Shop (1001 E. Pike, Capitol Hill, Seattle)
When: Doors at 7pm, first reading begins around 7:30
Who: Joe Milutis, Matthew Simmons, M Thompson, Lisa Wells, Crystal Curry, Nico Vassilakis, Cristin Miller, Paul Nelson, Alex Bleecker, Jarret Middleton, Jeremy Springsteed, Laura Wachs, Robert Mittenthal, Greg Bem, Jason Conger, Willie Fitzgerald, Graham Isaac, Summer Robinson, Jesse Minkert, Ian Ettinger, Gregory Laynor, and Melanie Noel. Literary presses include PageBoy, Hoarse, Pilot Books, Wave Books, Dark Coast Press, Calypso.
Cost: 5 bones

More info: Facebook page