DIagram/NMP winners / by Matthew Thompson


Here are the winners of DIAGRAM's 2011 chapbook contest:

Winner: James D'Agostino's Slur Oeuvre


  • Karen Carcia's On Subjects of Which We Know Nothing
  • Barbara Maloutas' Of Which Anything Consists
  • Lauren Shapiro's Yo-Yo Logic


  • Jack Boettcher's Animals Resisting Arrest
  • Christine Bown's Lithiasis
  • William Carty's The Watchtower
  • Liz Countryman's Like Like Poles
  • Justin Dodd's Outtakes from My Boys
  • Christopher Lirette's Disquisitiones Pornographiae
  • Scott McFarland's America I'm Not Talking to You
  • James Meetze's Phantom Hour
  • Frank Montesonti's For Oh, Yvonne I Am
  • JoAnna Novak's Manning Up
  • Kory Shrum's Triboluminescence
  • Joseph Spece's A Forest Walk
  • Daniel Story's Richard Falls in Love
  • M. Thompson's Fatal Accidents, Not Necessarily Complete

Congrats to all those involved!