Blake Butler & Chi-chi's is out of business / by Matthew Thompson

   Wandering through Blake Butler's There is No Year at the moment. The brain is doing backflips. Suppose what's so surprising about this book is how goddamn funny it can be. A few times now, I've been that guy at the table, by himself and his nose in a book, when, without warning, one burst - HA. Honestly now, read this passage:


   The phrase "Lynchian" seems to keep appearing when people talk about this book. Which I guess is true, though also, hmm. In either case, if there really is a Blue Velvet moment found somewhere in here, it's when the father builds a black maze out of tacky suburban restaurants.

   Also. I had the pleasure of hearing Blake read last night. It was excellent. If he's coming to your town, go. Dates here.