Last Night, I Dreamt of Trains by Matthew Thompson

But they hushed, all at once and quite abruptly, when he stood still at center stage, his arms straight out from his shoulders, and went rigid, and began to tremble with a massive inner dynamism. Nobody present had ever seen anyone stand so still and yet so strangely mobile. He laid his head back until his scalp contacted his spine, that far back, and opened his throat, and a sound rose in the auditorium like a wind coming from all four directions, low and terrifying, rumbling up from the ground beneath the floor, and it gathered into a roar that sucked at the hearing itself, and coalesced into a voice that penetrated into the sinuses and finally into the very minds of those hearing it, taking itself higher and higher, more and more awful and beautiful, the originating ideal of all such sounds ever made, of the foghorn and the ship’s horn, the locomotive’s lonesome whistle, of opera singing and the music of flutes and the continuous moan-music of bagpipes. And suddenly it all went black. And that time was gone forever.
Train Dreams by Denis Johnson

Wolf-boy sings in Denis Johnson's Train Dreams. Here's to a man who heard the beauty in the darkness. See you out west, Denis.

A Journey into the Weird World of Podcasting by Matthew Thompson

Thrilled to announce my new podcast, The Lineup Podcast, is available now for your listening pleasure.

With each episode, The Lineup Podcast unearths a new set of strange cases – from mysterious locales and bizarre crime tales to one-of-a-kind stories told by the best voices in mystery fiction.

For the inaugural episode, we head south to Mexico, where we meet a blood-drinking cult leader, ride shotgun with author William Hjortsberg in search of enlightenment, and visit a museum of mummified cholera victims.

Click here to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. You can also stream the podcast from our Soundcloud page, or listen to episode one in the embedded player below.

Psyched to be manipulating audio once again, and working with my eternal brother in weirdness, Absofacto.