A Mnemonic
(Originally published by decomP)

A mnemonic.

A mnemonic.

My grandfather says, A nah-mah-nik is a trick that aids in remembering.
If you’re thinking about something and it’s coming up hazy, so then think about whether there’s a mnemonic to help you.

He says, I’ll give you a for instance. When you’re trying to remember the different days inside a month, sing, Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. When spelling out together, think, we’ll go to-get-her together and when you see a bright color say, Well, hello Roy G. Biv.

Here are the ways to help you remember, here is a trick that you’ll never forget. These are the lessons I learned from my grandfather. These are the things I heard from a puppet, whose white tufts of hair matched white open eyes, whose flapping red mouth split a blue sponge ball head. He shook as he spoke from between the drawn curtain; felt arms through the air on thin strips of wire. If my grandfather were a puppet, I believe he’d be a blue wolfhound and here are things he’d say about mnemonics:

All of this I keep remembering and not once have I met a person whose last name was Biv. If I hum out the months, it could just as easily be December,

April, May and October. In the meantime, there are moments where I forget my own phone number, draw a blank on the word apple.

Meanwhile, there are mornings where I try to think of your grandmother, and can’t even recall what color her eyes were.